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Prefab Solution Helps Leading Outdoor Products Company Keep Production Line at Peak Performance


When your annual goal is to turn out more than 250,000 of America’s most popular do-it-yourself sheds, downtime comes at a premium. That means – maximizing efficiency on your production line is essential.

That’s where MKD comes in.

To ensure the line operates at max efficiency, a national leader in outdoor products sought a tailored solution for a 120-foot inspection gantry.

Upon review of the proposal, MKD was asked to complete the project under the following guidelines:

  • Less than 5 days of production line downtime
  • Must prefabricate the gantry prior to installation
  • Work and collaborate with additional contractors onsite without minimal interruption

With MKD’s specialization in prefabrication projects, we were able to quickly develop a scope of work that would deliver on the client’s outlined objectives for the project with superior quality and detail.

Prefabrication began with the construction of the gantry in six, 20-foot individualized sections. Then, electricians mounted the inspection lighting on the underside of the gantry and piped half-inch conduit on the top side and couplings were placed at each break point of the gantry for simple field connection. MKD then connected the light fixtures to local 1900 boxes and pulled wire from the lights to the junction box.

For field installation, all that was left was hanging the gantry, pulling wire to the 1900 boxes, terminating low-voltage work and supplying power.

Delivering on their promise, MKD came in under the downtime guidelines, allowing resumed production in less than 3 days, with limited interaction with on-site contractors. Moreover, MKD’s prefabrication service allowed them to better serve the customer’s total operational needs completing the project under deadline and under budget.

Don’t leave your next project up to just anyone. Find out how prefabrication can help accomplish your goals, maximize uptime and reduce on-site project work. Saving you time, money and resources.


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