Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Leading the Way to the Future

Don’t trust just anyone to handle your renewable energy project – let MKD show you why we’re quickly becoming the industry leader in handling ground-up renewable projects across the U.S.

MKD specializes in emerging and existing technologies to get you and your customers power when and where you need it, using some of the most highly-trained renewable techs in the business.

MKD is equipped to manage both large and small scope projects with best-in-class industry expertise and is licensed to work across the U.S. And, MKD works on more than just solar. MKD’s electricians are available for ground up projects as well as O&M on many other emerging renewable technologies including:

  • Solar panel installation and repair
  • Biomass
  • Hydro power systems
  • Geothermal distribution
  • Wind/Air power generation
  • Storage systems (batteries, pumped energy, heat recycling)
  • Fuel cells and fixed site power producers
  • Vehicular charging modules

And our service doesn’t stop there. Following install, MKD trained tech’s can help you build out an ongoing proactive and preventative O&M program to ensure you’re maximizing ROI on your investment for years to come, providing you better output on your sustainable energy modules and systems.