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MKD Electric – Expands Capabilities Through Acquisition of Powercor Services

MKD continues organizational growth through acquisition of leading power design and control systems integrator

MKD Electric, along with their partners Hastings Equity Group, are excited to announce the acquisition of Powercor Services. Powercor, a power design and control systems integrator, enables…

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Putting Prefabrication to Work for Your Business

Projects today are driven by two primary goals, coming in on budget and meeting your dedicated timelines for completion. But, as we grow wiser, we realize that meeting timelines and hoping things all go accordingly to plan is something that’s…

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Your Contractor’s EMR Matters and Here’s Why

EMR stands for Experience Modifier Rate. It’s the number one metric used by insurance companies to determine the likelihood that a business will experience worker’s comp claims. A high EMR will drive premiums up, while a low score helps keep…

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Making Employees a Priority – Not an Afterthought

Ever since Mark Wesa, Chairman of MKD, set out to start something different for himself, he always maintained that putting employees at the center of his organization’s culture was important. Not for his company’s benefit, but for his employees’ benefit,…

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