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Why choosing the right electrical contractor means more to your business than you think…


How much downtime can you absorb?

What part of your business is set up to run at half capacity?

Despite common skepticism, most of us probably could spend a little more time being proactive in identifying issues before they come up. Then, one day, without much notice or reason at all – equipment experiences catastrophic failure and we’re left wondering what we could’ve done different.

All the sudden you’re faced with a decision – who can get me up and running at full capacity as soon as possible? And who do I trust to get the job done, right?

Maybe you have an existing provider you used before or you’re the opposite and you have to make a prime decision under pressure, and fast. But these decisions can have lasting implications on your business that could impact equipment usage down the line, cause further downtime issues or require continued investment in equipment failure.

“Manufacturers lose upwards of $50 billion a year in revenue due to unplanned downtime. To offset risk and mitigate issues, plant and facility managers are turning to proactive and predictive maintenance programs.” *

That’s where it helps to have a dedicated maintenance or service provider there to assist you. A provider who can acutely map out issues ahead of time, identify areas of concern down the road and help you at the drop of a hat when things don’t go accordingly to plan. And trust us, things have a tendency of avoiding our plans.

In that case, here are things to consider when choosing an electrical contractor to get your operation running or set up a proactive maintenance plan:

  • Existing track record: Do they have experience in your industry or have they helped similar clients? Do they have a reputation for doing quality work?
  • Safety Ratings: Are they safe and can they ensure work is done properly without endangering employees or other plant equipment? Are they a liability on the job site?
  • Reliability: Can they be there to help, regardless of timing? Can they meet the demands of my service work on an accurate scale? Do they have issues with location flexibility?
  • Service: How do they deal with customers during difficult situations? Do they work well under pressure? Are they concerned with helping my business as much as they are with getting a job done well?

As a long-time service provider to organizations across dozens of market sectors, MKD recommends all our clients take proactive steps to mitigate and manage risk before failure occurs. But, we are also dedicated to helping our partners get up and running as quickly as possible when things inevitably happen.

Don’t get caught without a plan or trusted service provider who can give you peace of mind during the most difficult of situations. Your business will be better off for it.

Your mind probably will be too.

*Plant Engineering – 2018 Maintenance Report

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