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Your Contractor’s EMR Matters and Here’s Why


EMR stands for Experience Modifier Rate. It’s the number one metric used by insurance companies to determine the likelihood that a business will experience worker’s comp claims. A high EMR will drive premiums up, while a low score helps keep your insurance rates low.

But that’s not the only thing. EMR has a bigger indicator – your contractors quantified measure of safety when working on the job site. I.e. your company’s property and/or projects.

Industry average is around 1.0, so contractors with a track record ranking below 1, and some well below are safer bets to work on your projects. It also is a key indicator for cost of claims filed by a particular company over the previous five-year period as well as a risk indicator for future injuries on the job.

More expensive claims = a higher score.

As an industry measure, EMR is still the gold standard for which contractors are gauged on their safety among projects and is one of the best objective measures for which all electrical contractors are rated in safety.

Contractors with a lower EMR have better credibility in managing safety better over an extended period of time, reducing risk on the job site for your employees as well as their own.

MKD, who has a strong EMR track record, currently holds a .62 rating as of 2021, which is nearly 40 percent below industry average. That can be attributed to a strong safety culture that spans beyond daily and weekly programs and instills itself in each and every employee.

Safety Manger for MKD, Oscar Rodriguez, believes it has a lot to do with a long-standing organizational effort to teach safety and make it part of MKD’s culture, so it’s 24/7, 365. Not just a seasonal program.

“Safety never stops for us and when you make it ever-present, we have a better chance at success,” says Rodriguez.

This new record-low EMR rating for MKD Electric demonstrates its commitment to working safely at all times. With an effective behavioral-based safety program that focuses on eliminating hazards and preventing injuries, MKD looks forward to serving their clients as safe as possible, while providing excellence in service.

Something most contractors have trouble providing.

Want to learn more about MKD’s award-winning safety culture?

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