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Data Center Management Requires Flexible Scalability and Foresight


In a recent 2021 report from Research and Markets, data center growth is expecting an annual compounding 2 percent growth rate. Additionally, in the U.S. alone, predictions estimate nearly $70 billion in data center revenue by 2024. Areas driving heavy growth can be located in the continental Southeast and Pacific Northwest, but other areas loom large as well.

As this rate of growth compounds, many corporations look to maximize their infrastructure efficiencies and improve data center capabilities that work for today AND tomorrow. Acceptance in technologies including AI, data and analytics platforms, cybersecurity and communication all are driving big and small corporations to team up to find a better way forward.

But, to support this rate of growth, especially in colocation areas that may house multiple or even dozens of privately-owned servers in a centralized location, organizations need ongoing support and expertise to help navigate future growth – making scalability an important factor when setting up infrastructure services.

In the age of cloud computing, things can change in a moments time and companies need to plan accordingly to manage bandwidth on a week-to-week and even day-to-day basis. Either managing traffic growth through expanding server hardware, or preparing for growth ahead of time, managing systems along the way.

And what happens during a network outage? An electrical fire? Server failure or ongoing updates to existing hardware require whole-scale infrastructure changes to wiring and power distribution? How might solar and renewables adoption affect this growth as well?

With so many things to consider – it’s important that data center management has a keen support staff that can provide input and counsel on ongoing projects that affect operations both now and in the not-too-distant future. Moreover, provide flexibility to pivot when conditions force a change in plans.

Additionally, having a partner that provides long-term support and can help during the planning stage of infrastructure development can be huge – providing architecture and design expertise, network set up, service, and cabling support.

Michael Wesa, President for MKD Electric offers data center managers some advice when choosing a vendor who can provide excellence in set-up and support.

“As data farms become even much more essential, not only to everyday organizations, but people everywhere – infrastructure management has become much more crucial. From the onset – systems have to be designed with flexibility in mind, so that when things inevitably change, we can adapt accordingly,” said Wesa. “Nothing stays the same very long, especially in regards to internet technology. The better we can help follow that evolution through guided set up and support, everyone becomes more efficient.”

Wesa adds that data center maintenance and 24/7 support should not be underestimated when choosing a contractor.

“Limiting downtime, especially when it comes to the internet, literally turns time into money. And when you lose it, it’s hard to get it back. Don’t take that chance.”

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