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Renewables Adoption on Hyperdrive Growing Need for Reliable Electrical Contractors


Renewable energy adoption continues to hit the ‘gas’ heading into 2021 and beyond. The idea of renewable energy is not something new, however with companies making dedicated efforts to go ‘net-zero’ on carbon emissions and help speed the transition to electric vehicles, etc. – the need for dedicated technicians, electricians, and contractors installing and servicing these modules is only growing.

According to a recent projection from Goldman Sach’s that renewable energy will see the majority of spending in the energy sector in 2021, with total investment reaching $16 trillion in the next decade. Continuing that annual spending is expected to remain at those levels through 2025, this adds up to a $1.3 trillion cumulative 2021-2025 spend—a 9% increase over cumulative capex in 2015-2019.

Solar Panel Site

Renewables growth, including solar panel power plants like these, are popping up all over the U.S. creating a growing demand for qualified contractors to install and maintain new equipment. Photo: MKD

Needless to say – renewables are on the uptick, meaning a growing need not only for contractors equipped to install many of the emerging technologies, but also to help operate and maintain these investments.

If you’re in the market for adding renewables to your businesses’ operations, it pays to have a service provider who can help you maximize that ROI and ensure long-term viability of technology installation and working order.

To do that, it requires a partner who carefully curated and trained a team capable of handling the growth in renewables without compromising quality. Additionally, a solid contractor match will have secured necessary certifications and experience to carry out work on emerging and existing renewable energy technologies such as (if applicable):

  • Solar and photovoltaic panels
  • Biomass
  • Hydro power systems
  • Geothermal distribution
  • Wind/Air power generation
  • Storage systems (batteries, pumped energy, heat recycling)
  • Fuel cells and fixed site power producers
  • Vehicular charging modules

Lastly, working with an organization that is flexible to service both large and small-scale projects is essential as your businesses’ needs change, so do the service and installation needs of a particular project or site. Having a partner that can work on both and pivot when needed helps maximize efficiency and enables you more flexibility, especially at the rate at which renewables are being adopted. Meaning, as you grow, so can your service provider to accommodate your needs.

As renewable growth continues its rapid ascent, the need for good, quality contractors installing and maintaining these emerging technologies can be few and far between. Don’t leave your investment to chance.

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